IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications
15–17 November 2016 – Medellin, Colombia


Networking NW 1 NOn: Network Function Virtualization Ontology towards Semantic Service Implementation

Luis Cuellar Hoyos; Christian Esteve Rothenberg

NW 2 Software defined power substations: An architecture for network communications and its control plane

Erwin Alexander Leal; Juan Felipe Botero

NW 3 Leveraging Proactive and Reactive Intersection-Based Routing Protocols for collaborative downloading in VANETs

Esteban F. Ordóñez-Morales; Víctor Saiáns-Vázquez; Jack F. Bravo-Torres; Yolanda Blanco-Fernández; Martín López-Nores

NW 4 ARS: Anonymous Reputation System for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

Luz Marina Santos Jaimes; Kifayat Ullah; Edson dos Santos Moreira

NW 5 A Secure Commercial Ads Dissemination Scheme for Vehicular Networks

Luz Marina Santos Jaimes; Kifayat Ullah; Edson dos Santos Moreira

Comms & SP 1 CSP 1 IEEE 802.11ax: A Study on Techniques to Mitigate the Frequency Offset in the Uplink Multi-User MIMO

Roger Pierre Fabris Hoefel

CSP 2 Wavelet-Time Diversity Transmission in Wireless Systems: Performance Results

Luiz Gonzaga de Queiroz Silveira Júnior

CSP 3 Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on the Modulation Spectrum

Alfonso Prieto-Guerrero; Arturo Briones-Reyes

CSP 4 Evaluation of the Sinc Parametric Linear Combination Pulse in Digital Communication Systems

Cesar A. Azurdia Meza; Claudio Estevez; Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi; Ismael Soto

CSP 5 Analysis of FEC in digital data signal transmission with USRP over SD-RANs

Milton N. Tipán; Ricardo I. Zapata; Germán V. Arévalo; Ivan N. Cano

Wireless Comm & Netw. 1 W 1 Criteria for the Setting up of Low Cost Wireless Sensor Networks in Small and Medium Size Manufacturing Enterprises (A Case Study)

Pedro R. Chaves; Omar C. Branquinho; Marcius F. H. Carvalho

W 2 Heterogeneous Cellular Network User Distribution Model

Chao Li; Abbas Yongacoglu; Claude D’Amours

W 3 Towards a Factory-of-Things: channel modeling and deployment assessment in PetroEcuador Esmeraldas oil refinery

S. Savazzi; B. Ramos; J. M. Winter; S. Kianoush; V. Rampa; E. del Rosario; T. Chavez; O. Cevallos

W 4 Survey of User Association in 5G HetNets

Hawar Ramazanali; Agapi Mesodiakaki; Alexey Vinel; Christos Verikoukis

W 5 POSTAL: Scalable Range-free Positioning in MANETs using Regions of Interest

Anabel Pineda-Briseño; Rolando Menchaca-Méndez

Optical Networks O 1 Traffic Grooming and Spectrum Overlap in FIPP p-cycle for Protection of Elastic Optical networks

Helder M. N. S. Oliveira; Nelson L. S. da Fonseca

O 2 Design and FPGA Verification of a Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Code for Optical Communication Systems

Genaro Bergero; Damián A. Morero; Ariel L. Pola; Mario A. Castrillón; Mario R. Hueda

O 3 The Minimum Interference p-Cycle Algorithm for Protection of Space Division Multiplexing Elastic Optical Networks

Helder M. N. S. Oliveira; Nelson L. S. da Fonseca

O 4 CATV, LTE and Data Convergence Test in Optical Access Networks

Milton N. Tipán; Germán V. Arévalo; Iván N. Cano; Ferney Amaya-Fernández

O 5 System Evaluation of Optical M-QAM Modulation Driven by Multilevel and Binary Waveforms

Thyago M.S. Pinto; Darli A.A. Mello; Dalton S. Arantes; Luis H. H. Carvalho

Comms & SP 2 CSP 6 Digital Pre-Distortion in QAM formats based on Adaptive Complex Multipliers

Eduardo Avendaño Fernandez; Jhon James Granada Torres; Ana María Cárdenas Soto; Neil Guerrero González

CSP 7 Dual-Band Textile Patch Antenna for GSM-WiFi Bands Using EVA-Foam as Substrate

Francisco Pizarro; Ariel Leiva; Mauricio Rodriguez

CSP 8 On Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO with Pilot Contamination and Multipath Fading Channels

Felipe A. P. de Figueiredo; Fabiano S. Mathilde; Fabricio P. Santos; Fabbryccio A. C. M. Cardoso; Gustavo Fraidenraich

CSP 9 A New Approach to Post-FFT Synchronization for DVB-T Receivers

Mattia Speziali; Stefano Bregni; Maurizio Magarini; Arnaldo Spalvieri

CSP 10 An Exact SER Expression for QPSK OFDM System in Presence of Residual CFO and STO

Atul Kumar; Stefano Bregni; Maurizio Magarini

Wireless Comm & Netw. 2 W 6 Advances in Real-Time Indexing Models and Techniques for the Web of Things

Cristyan Manta-Caro; Juan M. Fernández-Luna

W 7 Automatic allocation of identifiers in linear wireless sensor networks using link-level processes

Carlos Egas A.; Felipe Gil-Castiñeira; Enrique Costa-Montenegro; Jorge Sa Silva

W 8 Compressive Local Wideband Spectrum Sensing Algorithm for Multiantenna Cognitive Radios

Evelio Astaiza; Pablo Jojoa; Héctor Bermúdez

W 9 Inter-User Interference Reduction Factor for 3-D Massive MIMO Systems

Carlos Daniel Altamirano; Celso de Almeida

W 10 Strategies for Effective Converged Control of LTE and Wi-Fi Networks

Omran Ayoub; Stefano Bregni; Najme Monajemi; Francesco Musumeci; Massimo Tornatore

Enabling Tech 1 ET 01 Citizen security using Machine Learning algorithms through Open Data

Gusseppe Bravo Rocca; Manuel Castillo-Cara; Raúl Arias Lévano; Javier Villegas Herrera; Luis Orozco-Barbosa

ET 02 An Online Learning Based Approach for CEP Rule Generation

Erick Petersen; Marco Antonio To; Stephane Maag

ET 03 Fall Detection Monitoring System with Position Detection for Elderly at Indoor Environments Under Supervision

Paulo Victor G. F. Dias; Edgar Douglas M. Costa; Michel Pompeu Tcheou; Lisandro Lovisolo

ET 04 Ubiquitous Learning based on platform of TVE as a Service. uLTVEaaS model

Gustavo Alberto Moreno López; Jovani Alberto Jiménez Builes; William Puche Plaza

Comms & SP 3 CSP 11 Improved Nyquist Pulse Shaping Filters for Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing

Atul Kumar; Maurizio Magarini

CSP 12 32 States Digital Modulation In 3 Dimensions Based on Orthogonal Pulses

Mauricio Ramírez V.; Dannyr Guevara H.; Harold A. Romo R.

CSP 13 Cooperative Wideband Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Devices Based on Uniform Sub-Nyquist Sampling in Sparse Domain

Evelio Astaiza; Pablo Jojoa; Francisco Novillo

CSP 14 Response of a learning method for channel access in a beacon-enabled wireless sensor network

Johan Tellez Garzon; Ivan Muller; Alvaro Augusto Salles; Carlos Eduardo Pereira; Juliana Borges Ferreira

QoS, Realiab. 1 QR 01 QoS Aware Schedulers for Multi-users on OFDMA Downlink: Optimal and Heuristic

Matheus C. Nogueira; Marcelo C. Luizelli; Samuel Marini; Cristiano C. Both; Juergen Rochol; Armando Ordoñez; Oscar Caicedo

QR 02 CARRO: A Context-Awareness Protocol for Data Dissemination in Urban and Highway Scenarios

Ademar T. Akabane; Richard W. Pazzi; Edmundo R. M. Madeira; Leandro A. Villas

QR 03 SimGrid: A Simulator of Network Monitoring Topologies for Peer-to-Peer based Computational Grids

Celso A. R. L. Brennand; Joao M. Duarte; Aloizio P. Silva

QR 04 Collision Probability Estimation in Wireless Networks

Rodolfo P. Bulhoes; Diego Passos; Célio V. N. Albuquerque

Enabling Tech 2 ET 05 Towards IoT Cybersecurity Modeling: From Malware Analysis Data to IoT System Representation

A. Rodríguez-Mota; P.J. Escamilla-Ambrosio; J. Happa; J.R.C. Nurse

ET 06 Providing Security and Privacy in Smart House Through Mobile Cloud Computing

Rafael Ribeiro; Altair Santin; Vilmar Abreu; João Marynowski; Eduardo Viegas

ET 07 Feature Selection and Ensemble of Classifiers for Android Malware Detection

Lilian D. Coronado-De-Alba; Abraham Rodríguez-Mota; Ponciano J. Escamilla-Ambrosio

ET 08 Energy Management Service Layer for Cloud Computing Costs Reduction

Viviane T. Nascimento; Andre L. V. Gimenes; Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho; Catalin Meirosu

QoS, Realiab. 2 QR 05 A Congestion Control Approach for M2M Networks

David Aragão; Dario Vieira; Miguel Franklin de Castro

QR 06 Analysis of quantization metrics for PAPR evaluation in OFDM systems

Martha Cecilia Paredes Paredes; David Mejía Navarrete; Diego Fernando Puga Placencia

QR 07 Improving Vehicular Applications Through Network Diversity

Felipe Valle; Sandra Céspedes

QR 08 A Proposal to Include Video Quality Assessment as an Integral Part of Hybrid TV Systems

Rafael Sotelo; José Joskowicz

Wireless Comm & Netw. 3 W 11 A Geodesic Dead Reckoning Solution for Vehicular Networks

Pedro P. L. L. do Nascimento; Richard W. Pazzi; Daniel L. Guidoni; Leandro A. Villas

W 12 Integrating ISDB-T Broadcast Signals with HbbTV Internet Broadband Services

José Joskowicz; Rafael Sotelo

W 13 Minimizing the Power Consumption in Raspberry Pi to use as a remote WSN Gateway

Fabián Astudillo-Salinas; Daniela Barrera-Salamea; Andrés Vázquez-Rodas; Lizandro Solano-Quinde

W 14 A Proposal for the Next Generation ISDB-Tb using FBMC in a SDR Implementation on GNU Radio Environment

Jefferson Almeida; Cristiano Akamine; P.B. Lopes

W 15 Centralized Channel Assignment Algorithm for WSN Based on Simulated Annealing in Dense Urban Scenarios

Carlos Valdivieso; Francisco Novillo; Jorge Gómez; Daniel Dik

Comms & SP 4 CSP 15 Subcarrier Mapping Distribution Effect on Single Carrier FDMA Transmissions

Claudio Estevez; Jhilmar Molina; César A. Azurdia-Meza

CSP 16 Information Criterion-based channel estimation in OFDM systems with time and frequency offset

Rodrigo Carvajal; Karen Rivas; Juan C. Agüero

CSP 17 Three-Layered Prioritized Cognitive Radio Networks with Channel Aggregation and Fragmentation Techniques

Marcos Falcao; Gabriel A. Silva; Kelvin Dias; Andson Balieiro

Wireless Comm & Netw. 4 W 16 A low-cost test platform to estimate the LTE Timing Advance Procedure

D. Carrillo; Gilberto G. Neto; Sergio M. Sakai; William L. Souza; Ricardo T. Caldeira; Juliano J. Bazzo

W 17 LTE Jamming Mitigation Based on Frequency Hopping Strategies

S. Barros; J. Bazzo; R. Takaki; D. Carrillo; J. Seki

W 18 Interference between UHF analog/digital television and LTE APT 700 MHz band: A field evaluation

Hansel Joussef Martínez Odiaga; Manuel Augusto Yarlequé Medina

W 19 Availability of adjacent TV channels inside buildings of dense urban scenarios for use of short-range devices with OSA capabilities

Washington Medina; Jorge Gómez; Francisco Novillo; Juan Romero-Arguello